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About Joseph Tabet

Joseph Tabet is the Founder and Chairman of Pragma Investments Management. Based in Dubai, Pragma Investments delivers industry-leading investment performance across the Middle East and the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) states.

Before launching his career, Joseph studied in Paris, France and in Beirut Lebanon. After gaining a Bachelor in SME

(small and medium sized enterprises) Management from the Ecole Des Cadres in Paris, Joseph moved to Lebanon. After a further three years of study, Joseph emerged with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics, this time from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. His first professional role was as a Sales Executive at Emirates Computers in Dubai.

Joseph Tabet joined Emirates Computers in 1991 as a sales exec. The company was launched in the early life of tech, in 1978. Emirates Computers was the leading provider of IT corporate solutions in the Middle East in the 1990s and early 2000s. Among tech experts, designers and an innovative, forward thinking working community, Joseph honed his business skills. Just two years after joining the company, Joseph was promoted to Division Manager. Between 1993 and 1995, Joseph represented Cisco Networking Solutions, Zenith Computers, Oracle applications and Roland DG while developing his career path. By 1995, Joseph was General Manager at Emirates Computers, and three years later Executive Vice President.

Joseph has sincere respect for successful entrepreneurs across all business sectors. His driver is success, and this showed from an early age and while his career was still developing. While making the leap into senior management, Joseph was busy launching start-up companies across the same space. Between 1997 and successfully started and ran four companies in Dubai:

Between 1997 and 2003, Joseph was founder and CEO of Hyperlink, which managed Oracle Supply Chain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. From 1998 until 2003, Joseph was CEO for this Middle East region Dell distributor. Again the founder and CEO, Joseph ran this network of Nokia service centres across the MENA region. In 1999, Joseph also founded Primex Marketing Solutions, which began life offering marketing solutions for the IT sector across the MENA region. He left this position in 2006, after taking the company through the tech changes of the early ’00s.

For Joseph, success begins with collaboration and innovative thinking. His corporate experience spans more than 30 years in the UAE. This has given Joseph an insight into life, work and success. Selective, discerning and highly experienced in the investment sector, Joseph is also a family man who has a love for the finer things in life – cars, watches, motorbikes and skiing to name but a few. At the same time, Joseph is not one to follow the crowds. A low-level presence online, he prefers to share professional success stories and allow that to answer people’s questions.

At an early age, Joseph recognised the importance of driving success through ability. And this philosophy has not been wrong yet. For Joseph, Pragma’s success lies at least partly in its discretion. He says: “We operate in am extremely competitive landscape. Every REIT, fund and financial institution out there forms both a potential competitor or potential partner. There is opportunity out there for the kinds of strategic alliances that we excel at. “Pragma Investments is a selective, invite-only closed investment vehicle. It’s this approach that has allowed the company to age well and develop into the kind of investment managers that HNWI search for.” Joseph has been recognised for his entrepreneurial skills by a variety of entities including the Government of Dubai and Forbes Magazine.

Successful entrepreneurs in any sector are inspirational for Joseph. He says: “I have sincere respect for successful entrepreneurs. Success, as a whole, is what I truly admire and strive for.” Favourite authors for insight and self-development. For Joseph, there is much to be admired in self-development authors and innovators. From Joe Dispeza to Carlone Myss, PhD, Tabet finds ideas, inspiration and information related to self-empowerment and striving for a balanced successful life.

Joseph driving force has always been to deliver at all levels. Through Pragma Investments, Joseph has developed unique financial engineering strategies. Customers, clients and stakeholders find integrity, discretion and knowledge alongside innovative strategies and forward-thinking investment solutions. Borne from a deep understanding of the sector, the needs of stakeholders and customers and the region itself, Joseph discretely successful investment strategies are also informed by the way he spends his time way from the office. By creating a team of skilled and experienced advisors, investment experts and strategically selected partners all armed with the information and strategic direction they need, Joseph has built the Pragma Investments brand into a world-leading financial platform. Delivering success while maintaining a socially responsible financial ecosystem continues to drive Pragma Investment Management on a global level. Close partnerships, shared information and a focus on achieving success every time combine to make Pragma a financial name to remember.

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